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“Carrying is affectionate body contact
and promotes healthy development of the child.”  

Die Trageschule


The Worldwide Network

of Babywearing Consultants

Die Trageschule® is international network of qualified consultants, health professionals and companies

so that parents across Germany and beyond can have access to expert professional information about carrying their children. Since 1998, Die Trageschule has trained more than 2000 babywearing consultants all around the world - in different countries and cultures.


Our courses lead to a qualification as a babywearing consultant. We train health professionals, antenatal educators, doulas, midwifes, company employees or other individuals and offer training for companies. 

The teaching content of the courses and training sessions is based on scientifically-recognised research in human biology, medicine and psychology. We aspire to embrace the following principles both in our work with course participants and parents: believing in individuality, empathetic listening and clear, exact and creative methods for helping them learn.
We are really grateful for the ongoing contributions and support of our Board of Medical Advisors!



Leader and Founder

Coach DGfC

Studied Phylosophy (MA), 
main focus on Medical Ethics and Family Ethics



Psychology (MA),
main focus on Animal Assisted Therapy and Psychotherapy
Babywearing Educator
Hospic volunteer

Upcoming Events


Kleine TrageTage in Dresden

15:00 PM -

16:00 PM

Dresden, Germany

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